The business of the printing of business stationary is one that is up and coming in some parts of the world. Companies that provide high quality business stationary printing services are always highly in demand. Everyone wants to have stationary that reflect what their businesses stand for. Moreover, they want it to be presentable. This is where business stationary printing steps in. However, there are also trends in the same that keep changing all the time.

Going digital

Nowadays, most of the stationary printing processes have gone digital just like any other good industry. This has resulted in multiple choices for the customers of business stationary printing – corporate brochures, letterheads, product flyers, business cards, and much more are now printed digitally. There is a change in the factors that were emphasised on earlier. Nowadays, the stress is on the colours being used, quality of graphics, and paper quality.

Change in the materials used

The printing materials that are being used to print brand names, etc. on are recyclable materials. That is one of the latest trends in the business stationary printing industry. Moreover, they are also using soy-oil in order to print along with recyclable paper and printing materials. Also, multicolour ink has become the latest trend in printing on business stationery. The other trends include silver finish printing, matte or dull finish printing, UV coated printing, and spot UV coated printing.

Mutlifold printing

Printing is nowadays done in a multifold fashion. This way, you would be able to easily present more information about the products and services that some of the corporates are offering on small pieces of paper or printing material. Even employee identity cards and business cards are usually printed this way. They not only give an attractive finish to the final business stationery items but also make them highly durable.

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