Do you want to buy your stationery without looking at the time?

Yes, it is possible through online stationery items purchasing. Visiting a stationery shop at odd hours can be difficult, but you can order your stationery items as and when you remember it, this will ease off the pressure from your mind and the item would get delivered to your house on the next day itself.

A child remembers to say to his busy working mother just few days before school session is going to start -“Please buy my notebooks and pencils for the session, as those are pending to be bought”, to which his mother gives a nod and assures him that she will buy them on time. Then, later, she realizes that she has an urgent office project in the next two days and she will not be able to spare time to go to stationery shop. Now, the question is should she be tensed about getting stationery items for her child? Or should she be leaving her office work to get that stationery items list? The answer is neither. She need not be tensed and should not be leaving office work because in today’s world, even buying stationery is just a click away and will be delivered at your doorstep without any hassles.

Office supplies are also available on online stationery portals. Unlike giving a separate task of buying stationery from shop to an employee, an employer can tie-up with online stationery providers and order them through website regularly as per the need of office. Instead of waiting for an entire day to get stationery items for office and wasting productive hours of an employee, purchase of stationery can be easily done for items like pens, notepads, catridges , stapler, stapler pins, printer papers,etc. All are available on websites with discounts and offers on purchase.

There are few advantages of buying your office stationery items online, such as, no need to engage with multiple vendors and waste time in taking their quotations and later, getting them finally approved by the concerned department. Also, there is no requirement of checking brands and remain puzzled with pricing variations. At online stationery selling portals, there are numerous brands available that enables price comparison and smart purchasing.

You will save a lot of time, receive dedicated client support and even discounts and offers if you start purchasing your stationery online. So, get going with it and be a smart buyer!

Buying online stationery items at the time of demonetisation

The demonetisation of the Indian currency notes has resulted in short flow of cash, impacting business who rely on cash transactions for their office needs including stationery items. Irrespective of the cash flow, every business is in constant need for fresh stationery for their daily operations. Organizations have the option to switch to online purchasing to satisfy their demand of stationery.

Online shops like provide a stock of different types of stationery products that are typically used in homes, offices, and educational institutions. Household stationery typically consists of items such as pens, notebooks, staplers, and envelopes. Office stationery includes items such as marker pens, files, whiteboards, notepads, and printer cartridges.

Listed below are the benefits of online purchasing at to avoid the pitfalls of demonetisation:

  • Safe and secure transactions provides a safe and secure gateway for your online purchases. As a buyer, your credit card information is never stored on our payment servers, neither can they be shared with external sources.

  • Bulk purchasing

To save on transportation costs, you can opt for bulk purchase of your office stationery. Buying in bulk can give you a good bargain, as well as ensure that your office is never short of required items. At the same time, buy products like printer cartridges, which have a shorter shelf life, in moderate quantity.

  • Save on time.

As an online customer, you can have the best online vendors available on your computer. You need not spend time travelling to your preferred vendor, nor spend time talking to your vendor on phone to avail of the best deals.

  • Variety of brands

As an online customer, you have the flexibility of comparing the products and prices of different stationery brands and choose the one that best suits your budget and requirement.

  • Larger stock of stationery items

On an average, an online store has around 10 times the stock of items available in the retail shop. This means that as a customer, you do not have to worry about items being out of stock.

  • Take advantage of online deals

Online retail sites, including, provide attractive deals and flash sales, to attract buyers and to clear their inventory. Compared to retail stores, an online website has lower overhead and inventory costs, the benefit of which can be passed on to the customers. You can take advantage of online deals to save some money for your company.

How to be a smart online stationary buyer

Buying stationary for office can be quite a strenuous task. With the availability of office supplies online, it has become relatively easier. However, it is still not a cake-walk. If one is not careful while ordering online, then it can reduce the profits of your organization.
Few tips to be kept in mind before purchasing stationary online are illustrated below:

List the requirements
It is important to make a list of all the stationary items to be bought. It is better to be organized and not miss out on some urgent requirement. One may use an application from the wide range available online. Also, the more products you may be purchasing, more discount you may demand. It could indeed help in getting a better deal from the supplier.

Buy in bulk quantity
Any office needs various stationary items on a regular basis. It will definitely help in getting a good bargain if such items say paper, pen, etc. are ordered in bulk quantities. It would also contribute in saving the transportation cost. However, it is advisable to keep in mind not buy such products in bulk which do not have a long shelf-life.

Search for deals
You may be regularly buying your office supplies from one particular online vendor, but if you choose to search and find a new wholesaler who may be a new entrant to the trade, you may be surprised to find better discounts on the same usual items as he would be interested in increasing his customer base. At times, there are special offers on the first purchase made through a new website. You may use the same to your advantage.

Follow your order schedule
You should be vigilant in following a meticulous plan for placing the order for your office supplies and tracking the order as well. It would ensure a streamline flow of stationary.

Aim at long-term savings
One must ensure that you do not purchase such products which could help in short-term gains, but end up drilling a hole in your pocket on a long-term basis.

Tips to choose the best office stationery

If you are planning to make your office beautiful and attractive then choose the best office stationery and best furniture. But when you visit your normal store and corner store all that you get is the same old stuff with boring designs and colors. To make your office more attractive and lively use bright color objects rather than dull color objects. Not just about colors, but some of the new office stationary are so easy to handle and saves a lot of time. But you may not find all those high end and good looking stationary at the mom and pop stores or corner stores. This is because they cannot store huge quantity in stocks and so they provide their customers with limited range of brands and products.

Use more ergonomic products like chairs, stationary etc to help increase productivity. Talking of ergonomic products, ergonomics is an important part of research. Many students doing research in here face problems and take help from expert writers to complete their academic work.  Anyhow, make sure that the products are more durable as the office stationary has fair chances of slipping and breaking. Consider the inputs from the people who use the products rather than just buying blindly. Stationery products made of granite gives an elegant look and feel. If you really want to make your office more unique and niche then go for eco-friendly stationery products which leaves a positive impression on the clients visiting your office. Try buying products during the discount seasons if you really require them in bulk.

And the best way to do all these things is to only buy your stationery online. This is because online stores have a wide range of choice in every product. Also they would have the new designs and imported products which can really catch your eye. Apart from these you can save time and money which are really precious. Office stationery are just for few days and so do not just look at brand but also look at design, attractiveness, availability, cost and delivery.

Going out Is Passé, the New Mantra Is Bring the Shopping Home

How many times have you wished you could just laze around the house and things would get done without even having to step outside? When you get that feel and still need to get all your shopping done, the best way to do it is to do it online. There are stores for just about anything. A whole lot of things may be bought off the net and it can be done in a matter of minutes without even having to comb your hair or change your clothes.

One may wonder exactly what can be bought on the internet. The answer to this question, translates to a long list of things. Some of the most commonly bought items include office automation products such as printers, scanners and fax machines and so on. These are items that are best bought with a brand name attached, buying them from an online store give you a chance to check its authenticity.

Buying apparel and accessories is another thing that is highly sought on the net. When you have an important office meeting coming up and need to be dressed to impress but don’t have the time to go out shop hopping, it is time to connect to the net and climb the ladder of success with the right pair of shoes on.

Running out of stationary but do not have the patience to find the perfect stationary shop, get it online and stock your stores with pens, pencils, sharpeners, erasers, staplers and staple pins, clips, files, rubber bands, ink cartridges and anything else that helps your office or home cope through the official tasks.

Anything under the sun, which is of importance to the survival of human kind, is available for purchase online. All you need to do is look in all the right places and get your hands on all the right stuff.

How To Purchase Office Supplies In Bulk Online

When you purchase office supplies in bulk on the internet, you can save up lots of money. Bulk purchases can also help you save time since your employees would not keep disturbing you in case there is a need for replacement of certain items. Here is how you should purchase office supplies in bulk online.

Make a List of the Things You Want

Prepare a list of the things you are looking for in your office. You must, however, remember to replace the old items often with new ones when some stationery gets over. For an entire month, track the amount of stationery being used up by your employees. Use this information to make decisions on how often you would need to purchase stationery in bulk for your office.

Compare the Prices of Items

Make sure you compare the prices of items before investing in them so that you could get the supplies for your office at a low rate. While purchasing goods for your office on the internet, remember to ask for a discount on bulk purchases. Also, make sure you compare the prices of items individually with the prices of goods that you wish to purchase in bulk.

Purchase in Moderation

While purchasing items in bulk from the internet, purchase in moderation so that even when some office supplies that have a short life are purchased, they would not go waste. Some printer cartridges would, for instance, come with expiry dates. Keep the expiry dates in mind for such items so that you can avoid purchasing them in bulk. Make use of corporate discounts that you would get when you purchase items in bulk. Retailers usually offer discounts on bulk purchase to companies, school students, and college students as well as to individuals. Moreover, you would also get special discounts on top of it for being a corporate company.

Popular Trends In The Printing Of Business Stationary

The business of the printing of business stationary is one that is up and coming in some parts of the world. Companies that provide high quality business stationary printing services are always highly in demand. Everyone wants to have stationary that reflect what their businesses stand for. Moreover, they want it to be presentable. This is where business stationary printing steps in. However, there are also trends in the same that keep changing all the time.

Going digital

Nowadays, most of the stationary printing processes have gone digital just like any other good industry. This has resulted in multiple choices for the customers of business stationary printing – corporate brochures, letterheads, product flyers, business cards, and much more are now printed digitally. There is a change in the factors that were emphasised on earlier. Nowadays, the stress is on the colours being used, quality of graphics, and paper quality.

Change in the materials used

The printing materials that are being used to print brand names, etc. on are recyclable materials. That is one of the latest trends in the business stationary printing industry. Moreover, they are also using soy-oil in order to print along with recyclable paper and printing materials. Also, multicolour ink has become the latest trend in printing on business stationery. The other trends include silver finish printing, matte or dull finish printing, UV coated printing, and spot UV coated printing.

Mutlifold printing

Printing is nowadays done in a multifold fashion. This way, you would be able to easily present more information about the products and services that some of the corporates are offering on small pieces of paper or printing material. Even employee identity cards and business cards are usually printed this way. They not only give an attractive finish to the final business stationery items but also make them highly durable.