The demonetisation of the Indian currency notes has resulted in short flow of cash, impacting business who rely on cash transactions for their office needs including stationery items. Irrespective of the cash flow, every business is in constant need for fresh stationery for their daily operations. Organizations have the option to switch to online purchasing to satisfy their demand of stationery.

Online shops like provide a stock of different types of stationery products that are typically used in homes, offices, and educational institutions. Household stationery typically consists of items such as pens, notebooks, staplers, and envelopes. Office stationery includes items such as marker pens, files, whiteboards, notepads, and printer cartridges.

Listed below are the benefits of online purchasing at to avoid the pitfalls of demonetisation:

  • Safe and secure transactions provides a safe and secure gateway for your online purchases. As a buyer, your credit card information is never stored on our payment servers, neither can they be shared with external sources.

  • Bulk purchasing

To save on transportation costs, you can opt for bulk purchase of your office stationery. Buying in bulk can give you a good bargain, as well as ensure that your office is never short of required items. At the same time, buy products like printer cartridges, which have a shorter shelf life, in moderate quantity.

  • Save on time.

As an online customer, you can have the best online vendors available on your computer. You need not spend time travelling to your preferred vendor, nor spend time talking to your vendor on phone to avail of the best deals.

  • Variety of brands

As an online customer, you have the flexibility of comparing the products and prices of different stationery brands and choose the one that best suits your budget and requirement.

  • Larger stock of stationery items

On an average, an online store has around 10 times the stock of items available in the retail shop. This means that as a customer, you do not have to worry about items being out of stock.

  • Take advantage of online deals

Online retail sites, including, provide attractive deals and flash sales, to attract buyers and to clear their inventory. Compared to retail stores, an online website has lower overhead and inventory costs, the benefit of which can be passed on to the customers. You can take advantage of online deals to save some money for your company.

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